Gilad Hildesheim, Violin. Born in 1971. Raised in Belgium and France. Started playing violin at the age of 6, in Brussels, Belgium. In Israel was the student of the late Prof. Ilona Faher, Mr. Yair Kless and Mr. Haim Taub. Has been a consistent winner of the American - Israeli cultural foundation grant since 1984. Leading: Gilad is the new leader of the Teatro di san carlo opera in Naples starting from the season 2004-5. Since 2003 Gilad is the leader of the Tel-Aviv soloist ensemble. From 1998-2004 Gilad was the concertmaster of the Northern Israel Symphony orchestra, Haifa. From 1995-1998 was the leader of the Kibbutzim chamber orchestra where he also performed as soloist. Before that, for 3 years was the leader of the I.D.F. orchestra. Collaboration: Played under the conductors of Mendi Rodan, Yoel Levy, Sergiu Comisiona, Christian Mandeal, Uriel Segal, Ronald Zolman, Roberto Benzzi and Pinchas Zuckerman. Solo performance: Played with most major orchestras in Israel. Played as soloist in tours in Germany, Italy, France and Croatia. Recorded the Hartmann concerto with the Kibbutzim chamber orchestra for the Baden Baden radio. Festivals:  Gilad is a regular participant in festivals such as villa musica and pro in Germany, Israel festival and upper Galilee in Israel, Sofia and Plovdiv in Bulgaria and Banff in Canada. Chamber music: Has collaborated with Luciano Berio in Florence, with Prof. Bernard Greenhouse (the Beaux Arts trio), the Berliner octet ,the Jerusalem trio and the Huberman Quartet. Performed in a duo all over Europe and the USA.

Gilad Hildesheim, Violin

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