Bach performed the "Peasant Cantata" to honor Baron von Dieskau on inheriting a village, in the presence of the Baron, his wife, the tax collector and the "inherited" villagers themselves.   We take the Cantata into today's political realm.  As the Prime Minister, First Lady, and the Minister of Finance cannot grace our performance in person, they will be represented by puppets that will receive all the flattery, honor and sarcasm that characterized the original event for which Bach composed the cantata.  We will groan about the tax burden on the average citizen and the dominance of urban centers over the periphery, exalt in dodging military service,  mock excessive pleasure spending by the ruler and the adamant First Lady's contributions to the ruler's welfare. And then go to drink at the pub.

Middle-class woman: Ye’ela Avital
Middle-class man: Ehud Shapiro
Violin and Assistant to the First Lady: Gilad Hildesheim
Harpsichord and Cabinet Member: Yizhar Karshon/Aviad Stier
Prime minister, First Lady, and Finance Minister: Puppets
Stage Director: Shirit Lee Weiss
Music: Cantata No. 212 (Peasant Cantata) by Johann Sebastian Bach
Libretto: Christian Friedrich Henrici (Picander)
Puppets: Maria Gurevich and Olga Gerzman 

Singing in German with English subtitles.
Duets by Purcell on subjects related to the opera as
well as instrumental music will serve as a “warmup”.
The performance is about 1 hour without intermission.

Money and Politics

A politically-incorrect version of Bach's Peasant Cantata

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